Automation in the Mixer

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Automation in the Mixer

Automation affects the way audio events are played , and the computer is responsible for this processing, whereas MIDI automation is processed by the MIDI instrument. There are two sets of automation that you can apply: MIDI channel automation and audio channel automation (which includes all types of audio channels as described in Chapter 12). Table 13.1 displays a list of what you can automate in the Mixer window:

Table 13.1. Parameters available for automation in the Mixer window

MIDI Channel Settings VSTi

Audio Channel Settings (including Rewire, Groups and FX channels)




Pan and Surround Panner (SX only)



Track parameter on/off switches

EQ Bypass button


The settings for up to 4 EQ modules

Velocity shift

Effect send activation switch

Random settings

Effect send levels

Range settings

Effect send pre/post switch

Insert effects bypass switches and parameters

Effect send bypass switch

Send effects bypass switches and parameters

Insert effect program selection



Cubase is a multitrack recorder and a MIDI sequencer that integrates both types of channels inside the same mixing environment, as described in Chapter 12. Because some MIDI tracks might be assigned to VSTi or Rewire compatible applications, this creates additional channels inside your Mixer window: one for the MIDI volume level and another for audio related controls, which also includes a volume level fader. To avoid confusion when mixing levels for these specific channels, you should only use the audio channel to control pan and volume levels when mixing VSTi and Rewire instruments. Otherwise, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where to change things if you start automating both MIDI and audio volume levels.

We have discussed the Mixer window before, so its options should be familiar to you by now. Although we have looked at how to move faders or pans and how to add effects, we have not learned how to automate these movements. Unlike traditional mixers, Cubase allows you to record most of the manipulations you make inside the mixing environment, including effect automation.

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