Chapter 13. Working with Automation

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Chapter 13. Working with Automation

Mixing a recording is an art form unto itselfthe art of listening. Being a great musician doesn't mean you're going to be a great mixing engineer, and being a great mixing engineer doesn't mean you will be a great musician. No matter what your speciality is, the goal is to get everything in perfect balance. The mixing process inside Cubase is not unlike the traditional mixing process in the sense that external mixer desks have many of the same features that Cubase offers. Where Cubase shines is through its integration of traditional mixing techniques and the addition of real-time effect processing and automation inside a single application.

Here's a summary of what you will learn in this chapter:

  • Use the Mixer window to record mix automation events.

  • Use the automation subtracks to record mix automation events.

  • How to create and edit plug-in parameter automation.

  • How to edit recorded automation.

  • How to use SysEx to automate external MIDI devices.

  • How to use external MIDI remote controllers with Cubase in a mix automation setting.

Cubase provides support for VST effects that come with the program or those bought as plug-ins, and it also provides support for third-party DirectX effects (under the Windows environment). These can produce the same result as VST effects, but are a little more CPU intensive than their VST counterparts because they were written using different standards. Since VST plug-ins have been written for Cubase, this type of plug-in is more effective inside Cubase than DirectX. On this note, be aware that to use DirectX effects, you need to have a DirectX-compatible computer and the latest DirectX support available. You also need to install those third-party DirectX effects on your computer.


graphic/ptip.gif ABOUT DIRECTX

Be sure to consult Steinberg's Web site to find out which DirectX version you need and to verify that your other plug-ins support the same DirectX drivers. DirectX technology applies only if you have the PC version of Cubase.

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