Plug-In Resources and VST Instruments

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Plug-In Resources and VST Instruments

Cubase as a stand-alone software is quite nice, but adding VST or DirectX compatible plug-ins or VST instruments transforms it into an unusually versatile creative instrument. In this section, you will find some of the manufacturers that develop third-party software that can be integrated into Cubase. For a complete list of all VST plug-ins and instrument manufacturers, you can visit Steinberg's site (www. steinberg .net). Once there, select the Professional section in the portal page. Once in the main Professional section, select World of VST under the Share menu on the right of the page. Once inside the World of VST, click on the VST instrument Details link to access all the information available on VSTi.


This is another top- notch plug-in maker. Arboretum has developed tools that will transform your sound in many different ways. Countless recording artists , including Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, and Public Enemy, have used its Hyperprism plug-in series. The effect the plug-ins produce is as amazing as the names for these plug-ins: HyperVerb, New Granulator, Hyperphaser, Formant Pitch Shifter, Harmonic Exciter, Bass Maximizer, and so on.

Native Instruments

You can't talk about VST instruments without talking about Native instruments. This company has created some of the best "virtual synthesizers" on the market. The legendary B3 organ has been perfectly reproduced (sometimes surpassing the original) by their B4 software version, for example.


This company seems to have worked closely with Steinberg throughout the years because some of their applications work very well in conjunction with Steinberg's Cubase products. This is the case for Reason, which can be controlled from Cubase and adds a rack full of instruments to your Cubase production system.

http://www. propellerheads .se


Have you ever wondered what an Orange Vocoder was? To find out, you can head out to Prosoniq's Web site. Again, this company has turned out some very cool VST-compatible plug-ins. With Orange Vocoder, Prosoniq offers you an all-digital simulation of a realistic analog vocoder effect that is fully customizable and comes with an 8-voice virtual analog synthesizer unit, Freeform EQ, and Filterbank Reverb, all in one plug-in.

Spectral Design

This company develops software that is distributed by Steinberg, so it's safe to say that its products integrate very well in Steinberg's suite of software. The deNoiser, deClicker, Clean, and Freefilter applications are probably their best-known products. The deNoiser plug-in works especially well with constant noises in your recording, such as hums and tape hiss.

TC Electronics

TC Electronics (Formerly TC Works) have been at the forefront of the high-end plug-in industry with their TC Native Bundle. All tools are heavily performance optimized, so they really work in your multitrack environment without bringing the computer to its knees. The intuitive user interfaces make these plug-ins invaluable tools you'll be able to use instantly. They also produce a very nice VST instrument called Mercury-1 , which nicely emulates old analog monophonic synthesis.


Waves has been developing plug-ins originally for Pro Tools as TDM software. With the arrival of VST and the potential power this format provided, they proceeded in developing their VST version of their popular plug-in packages. The Native Power Pack is the package that started it all for Native users. This package includes a De-Esser and a special two-tap version of SuperTap that rounds out the essential collection for everyday music and production work. They also provide support for 88.2/96 kHz for many native components . A one-stop shop for all your professional processing needs.

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