List of Tables

Chapter 1: The Origins of Project Leadership

Table 1-1: Stage-Specific Project Leadership Tasks

Chapter 2: Project Initiating

Table 2-1: Project Leader Responsibilities: Initiating
Table 2-2: B2B Project Risk Level Assessments
Table 2-3: Potential Project Cost Benefit Overview
Table 2-4: Profiles of Potential Sponsors
Table 2-5: Project Manager Candidate Qualifications
Table 2-6: Core Team Members and Roles
Table 2-7: Scoring Model

Chapter 3: Project Planning

Table 3-1: Project Leader Responsibilities: Planning
Table 3-2: B2B Project Milestone Plan
Table 3-3: B2B Project Resource Requirements
Table 3-4: B2B Project Subteam Responsibilities
Table 3-5: B2B Project Communications Plan

Chapter 4: Project Executing

Table 4-1: Project Leader Responsibilities: Executing

Chapter 5: Project Closing

Table 5-1: Project Leader Responsibilities: Closing

Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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