List of Figures

Chapter 1: The Origins of Project Leadership

Figure 1-1: The Evolution of Project Management
Figure 1-2: The Elements of Management
Figure 1-3: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Figure 1-4: 21st Century Approaches to the Study of Leadership
Figure 1-5: Situational Leadership
Figure 1-6: Project Lifecycle Model
Figure 1-7: Project Leaders' Level of Effort over the Project Lifecycle

Chapter 2: Project Initiating

Figure 2-1: The Meeting Cycle
Figure 2-2: Meeting Agenda
Figure 2-3: Meeting Minutes
Figure 2-4: B2B Project Charter

Chapter 3: Project Planning

Figure 3-1: B2B Project Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customers (SIPOC) Model

Chapter 4: Project Executing

Figure 4-1: Project Change Request Form

Project Leadership
Project Leadership
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