11.1: Write a test script that tests the calculator and calculator Web Service implemented in previous questions.

11.2: Write an Ant script that compiles, deploys, tests, and packages everything that you have written. The objective of this example is to allow an administrator to download your sources from CVS, and then automatically configure, compile, and deploy the application and Web Service. Success is measured by how easy the entire process is.

11.3: Describe what you did throughout when solving the questions that relate to the calculator, and look at what went right and what went wrong. All of the questions in the book do create some degree of chaos. This was intended to replicate what happens in real-life software engineering. Reflect and look at what could have been done better or worse . It is important that you reflect and jot down the good and bad of solving the questions, as it gives you a way to figure out how to approach the next programming task.

11.4: Add the sources and documents to a CVS system (note: it's OK to use another version control system). Structure the sources so that a team could develop further enhancements. Create a stable branch and development branch.

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