The programming language Java introduced not only an easier-to-use language but also a much better project management system. Ant and JUnit are written in Java, and these tools are the best of their kind. What is obvious is that Java makes people focus on other issues like writing good programs and less on making sure that the infrastructure used to write the programs works. Java programmers assume that the infrastructure they use works. And, in this case, the tools are project management tools. Not using Ant or JUnit is like saying, "I want to make my life more difficult." CVS is a bit older but works extremely well for the problems that it sets out to solve. Put the three tools together and a manageable software development process ensues.

The book has ended. I am happy you made it, and hope that your journey has been worth it. So, what should you have learned?

  • Software engineering can be decomposed into problems that solve specific tasks, such as object creation, or serialization. Convert those tasks into generic components and many software problems disappear.

  • The Jakarta Commons is an incredible set of libraries that have already solved many of the tasks that everybody needs done.

  • The Jakarta Commons is not a library based on somebody's idea of what would make a good library. The Jakarta Commons is a set of proven Open Source libraries that are used and have proven to be effective.

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Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to read the book, and have a good day!

Applied Software Engineering Using Apache Jakarta Commons
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