Making Teamwork

A team, however, does not just happen. It requires teamwork, which is the collaboration of different people seeking to achieve common goals and objectives.

Team building must be nurtured and that occurs when the team leader exhibits leadership. Without leadership, a team does not or barely exist(s); teamwork becomes next to impossible . The team leader's job is to provide the "spark" that encourages people to want to achieve goals and objectives.

What do team leaders do? Five things.

  1. They seek to build a committed, cohesive group so everyone feels like they are part of something much greater than themselves . In other words, they build esprit de corps and cohesion through involvement and grant autonomy in decision making. People end up feeling like owners .

  2. They encourage collaboration. They build collaborative and cooperative environments. They are respectful of others in terms of needs and interests, making everyone winners.

  3. They treat all people as important. Leaders recognize the importance of mutual respect by creating an atmosphere that builds and sustains self-esteem and self-confidence .

  4. They strive to align personal and group needs. Leaders "earn their stripes " via satisfying the needs and hopes of a group's membership.

  5. They build synergy. That is, leaders recognize that they need to cement the relationships with the members of their groups in a way that goes beyond the achievements of a single individual.

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