Acknowledgments for the Second Edition

We thank first the authors of the chapters contributed to this book:

Peter H. Beckman, Argonne National Laboratory

Ralph Butler, Middle Tennessee State University

Narayan Desai, Argonne National Laboratory

Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee

Victor Eijkhout, University of Tennessee

Remy Evard, Argonne National Laboratory

Al Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

David B. Jackson, University of Utah

James Patton Jones, Altair Engineering

Jim Kohl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

David Lifka, Cornell Theory Center

Walt Ligon, Clemson University

Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin

Karen Miller, University of Wisconsin

John-Paul Navarro, Argonne National Laboratory

Bill Nitzberg, Altair Engineering

Daniel Nurmi, University of California, Santa Barbara

Philip Papadopoulos, University of California, San Diego

Erik Paulson, University of Wisconsin

Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory

Dan Stanzione, Jr., Clemson University

Brian Toonen, Argonne National Laboratory

Todd Tannenbaum, University of Wisconsin

Derek Wright, University of Wisconsin

Many other people helped in various ways to put this book together. Thanks are due to Philip Carns, Anthony Chan, Andreas Dilger, Michele Evard, Tramm Hudson, Rob Latham, Andrew Lusk, Richard Lusk, Neill Miller, Bill Nickless, Craig Stacey, Rick Stevens, and Edward Thornton.

Don Becker, Tom Quinn, and the people of Scyld Computing Corporation provided particular help with Chapter 18 on the Scyld approach to Beowulf.

Special thanks go to Karen Toonen for her tremendous help in making the network tuning chapter more understandable. Gail Pieper, technical writer in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne, once again improved every chapter's style and readability.

William Gropp

Ewing Lusk

Thomas Sterling

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