Converting Mail Messages to To Do Items

You can convert mail messages to To Do items so that they appear in your To Do list. For example, you can convert a mail message from your manager that asks you to prepare your department's budget for next year to a task, which adds that message to your To Do list so that you won't forget to follow up. To convert a mail message to a task, do the following:


Select the document in your Inbox view pane or open the message.


Click the Copy Into New button on the Action bar. Select New To Do.


A new To Do opens. The subject of the mail message appears as the Subject. The body of the mail message becomes the Details. You can make any changes or additions you want to the information provided there.


Assign the task to yourself or others and click the Save and Close button on the Action bar or press the Esc key.

You also can create new tasks from Calendar entries. If you're creating an entry that also happens to be the deadline for a task, choose Copy Into New, New To Do from the menu. Change any information in the new To Do document and then save and close it.

Existing tasks often generate new tasks, and you can create new tasks from an existing task document. With the existing task selected or open, choose Actions, Copy Into, New To Do from the menu. Complete the new To Do document, save it, and close it.

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