Deleting Databases

Here's the first rule in deleting databases: Don't try to delete databases on the server. In most cases, you wouldn't have the authority to do so but you might be able to delete your mail database. If you want a database removed from the server, contact your system administrator to get assistance and to be sure you are deleting the database you really want to delete.

Deleting a database is not the same thing as removing the database bookmark from your bookmark pages. If you want to remove a database from your bookmarks, right-click on the database icon and choose Remove Bookmark. When you do this, the database disappears from your list of bookmarks. However, the database file still exists on your computer or on the server.

Deleting databases on your own computer is mostly within your control. If you truly want to get rid of a database file on your hard disk, select the bookmark and choose File, Database, Delete. When the warning appears that the action can't be undone, click OK.

In this chapter you learned how to open and bookmark a database and use views and folders. You also learned how to read the About and Using this Database documents, as well as how to read the Status bar. In the next chapter, you learn how to search and index databases.

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