Bookmarking a Database

Opening any database that you have opened before is a simple matter of clicking its bookmark. But what do you do if you want to open a database for which you don't have a bookmark? In that case you can use the Browse for Database feature mentioned earlier in this chapter or you can use the menu commands:

  1. Choose File, Database, Open from the menu.

  2. In the Open Database dialog box (refer to Figure 6.1), specify the computer on which the database is stored by selecting Local or the name of a server from the Server drop-down list.

  3. From the Database list box, select the name of the database. If you don't see the name of the database on the list, click Browse and locate the database file.

  4. If you aren't sure which database you need, click About to see the About this Database document.

  5. To open the database, click Open. If it is the first time you have opened the database, the About this Database document displays. Press Esc to continue. After you've opened the database, point to the window tab and drag it to a bookmark page to create a bookmark for the database.

When you are in the Open Database dialog box, you can create a bookmark for the selected database. Click the Bookmark button. The Add Bookmark dialog box opens, and you can specify where you want the bookmarkon the Bookmark bar or in one of the Bookmark foldersand then click OK. The Open Database dialog box stays open so that you can select other databases and add them to your bookmarks. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

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