5 Conclusion

5 Conclusion

Appeared on the market last years , WLAN products have a technical and commercial increasing development. It is however needed to start to face emerging of several standards which could be positioned as concurrent or complementary. For personal networks types of applications built around a cellular terminal, Bluetooth technology is well positioned to be developed quickly and a large number of mass market terminals are already announced (phones, digital recorders , digital cameras , PCs, printers ). For local area networks types of applications, 802.11b products are already widespread but new generation such as 802.11a and HiperLAN/2 are being implemented by industrials and should allow the proposal of the first very high bit rate products early in 2002. Currently, those technologies are confined to the professional sphere but could be developed quickly in domestic networks and above all as Internet high rate wireless access points in public places (already widespread used in united states).

They are also a natural support for communicating objects needs, either in personal ad-hoc networks, or in interface with telecommunication networks. Hence, with the integration of new types of interfaces and software solutions for service discovery and selection; objects and users will be able to get access in total transparency to communication services dynamically adapted to the environment (connectivity, exchanges and automatic synchronisation with terminals present in the vicinity).

We should then assist to the apparition in the next years of a large number of uses on those technologies, the most surprising being probably still to be invented.

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