Adding WordArt Objects



Click the Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar.


The WordArt Gallery dialog box opens. Click the WordArt style you want to apply.


Click OK .


You can turn text into a graphic using the WordArt feature. With WordArt, you can apply a variety of designs ”such as curved text or text that uses a gradient fill ”to ordinary text. You can also create vertical text.


Changing the WordArt Design

To swap the current WordArt design for another, click the WordArt Gallery button on the WordArt toolbar. This reopens the WordArt Gallery dialog box, where you can select another text design.



The Edit WordArt Text dialog box opens. Type the text you want to use as your WordArt object.


Click OK .


PowerPoint adds the WordArt object to the slide and the WordArt toolbar appears. You can use the toolbar tools to edit the WordArt object, such as change text alignment or character spacing.


Correcting Spelling Mistakes

You can return to the Edit WordArt Text dialog box to make changes to your text, such as correcting a misspelling. Simply double-click on the WordArt object, make the corrections, and click OK .


Viewing the WordArt Toolbar

If you accidentally close the WordArt toolbar and need it again later, select View, Toolbars, WordArt to bring it back.


Formatting the Text

In the Edit WordArt Text dialog box, you can choose another font, size, or style using the formatting controls at the top of the dialog box.

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