Moving Outline Text



To move portions of text, first select the text you want to move.


Click and drag the text, dropping it where you want it to appear in the outline.


PowerPoint moves the text.


You can rearrange slide text in Outline view by dragging the text around the Outline pane. By doing so, you can rearrange bullet points, headings, single words, and more.


Undoing a Move

If you make a mistake while moving your slide text around the outline, you can undo your changes. Click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar, or press Ctrl+Z to undo your last edit.



To move a bullet point, point to the bullet you want to move. The mouse pointer changes to a four-cornered arrow icon.


Click and drag the bullet to a new location in the outline, dropping it where you want it to appear.


PowerPoint moves the text.


Using the Up and Down Buttons

Another way to move a line of text in the outline is to click the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the Outlining toolbar. To learn how to display the Outlining toolbar, see the task "Working with the Outline Pane" earlier in this part.

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