Compelling Reasons to Switch to Visual Basic .NET


Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
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The compelling reasons to upgrade to Visual Basic .NET are not easy to explain in a couple of paragraphs. Reasons to switch include WebForms, Web applications, Web Services, the CLR, structured exception handling, true object-oriented programming, and multithreadingjust to name a few.

When you have read Visual Basic .NET Unleashed, the benefits of switching will be clearer to you than if I attempt to synthesize the benefits in one or two paragraphs here. What you should know up front is that the reasons to switch to VB .NET are real and tangible and have little or nothing to do with marketing hype. If I do my job well in this book, you will be able to provide clear evidence of those reasons to managers, peers, and customers in the form of expressive, powerful, extensible, and more robust applications than ever before possible.


Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
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