What Is the Common Language Runtime?


Visual Basic .NET Unleashed
By Paul Kimmel
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What Is the Common Language Runtime?

In marketing material, you can learn that the Common Language Runtime (CLR) is a replacement for stodgy COM, MTS, the VB runtime DLL, and some other technologies. In a practical sense, the CLR is the result of Microsoft doing what we all should be doingfinding a means of leveraging one body of code to the greatest benefit by making it reusable in many contexts.

The CLR is a common architecture of classes and code that is shared among all languages under the .NET Framework. This means that much of the core body of code that makes Visual Basic .NET work is shared between C# (C sharp), Visual C++, and other languages yet to be implemented for .NET.

The CLR is essential in making Visual Basic .NET an equal sibling of other .NET languages. Ultimately, you are afforded the same power as other languages and the CLR makes deploying your Visual Basic .NET applications much easier.


Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
Visual BasicR. NET Unleashed
Year: 2001
Pages: 222

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