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This is it—the only XMLSPY reference book authorized by Altova, Inc. Written by a top XML “spy,” it reveals all the secrets of this award-winning XML development environment, already used by more than 1 million registered users worldwide. Learn to create and validate documents, design XML Schemas and WSDL files, and build and debug XSLT stylesheets. Whether you’re new to the Spy world or a veteran seeking faster, easier ways to build XML applications, this is the definitive handbook and the official textbook for XMLSPY training and certification.

Everything you need to know about:

  • Using XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, SOAP, and WSDL
  • Developing XML applications using advanced XML editing views
  • Putting XML fundamentals, DTDs, and Schemas to work
  • Building Schemas and Web Services
  • Integrating with SQL Server, Oracle, and Tamino databases
  • Creating and managing XMLSPY projects
  • Developing XML content-management systems
  • Transforming XML and debugging XSLT stylesheets
  • Architecting XML-enabled Web sites

About the Author

Larry Kim is Technical Director for Altova, the coauthor of several leading books on Java, and a much sought-after speaker on XML topics. He was Product Manager for Macromedia’s JRun and has spoken at numerous industry conferences, including the XML Conference & Expo and Java One.

The XMLSPY Handbook
The Official XMLSPY Handbook
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