Benefits of Documentum

  • Competitive advantage through time and cost savings. By streamlining the production and exchange of content related to regulatory submission processes, Documentum 4i TM enables to optimize its approval process. All documents containing information on product safety, manufacturing batch records, and marketing collateral can be compiled virtually and then sent electronically to the FDA.

  • Unprecedented content flexibility. Documentum 4i allows easy maintenance and creation of new content in numerous forms—graphics, PDF, Microsoft Word, spreadsheet, etc.—and the ability to deliver it in a consistent format to multiple destinations.

  • Management of tremendous volume of content. With Documentum 4i, all company information—from training records to manufacturing batch records to standard operating procedures for each employee—can be reviewed instantly. A document only needs to be created once—without replication or duplication of information.

  • Global collaboration. By using content management workflow and version control capabilities to virtually assemble documents for different regulatory agencies in different countries, it becomes possible to speed time-to-market and quickly identify any potential geographic differences in a medication's public perception.

  • Ease of integration with other software. The open, standards-based architecture of Documentum 4i allows easy integration of content management with its SAP applications. In addition, Documentum 4i strongly supports XML (eXtensible Markup Language), allowing disparate systems to be joined together and allows information to move between them in an automated fashion.

Adapted from: Managing Strategic Assets and Speeding Time to Market, 2002

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