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* Daniel M. Norris, CPA, MCSE, MCDBA, is a Visiting Associate Professor in Information Systems and Accounting at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Iowa State University, an M.S. in Accounting from Drake University and a Ph.D. in Accountancy from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has work experience in computer programming and public accounting, and has taught courses in computer security, computer auditing and e-commerce security. Dr. Norrishas teaching and volunteer experiences in Russia and in numerous Asian and African countries.

* Philip A. Houle is Associate Professor of Information Systems in the College of Business & Public Administration at Drake University. He received his Ph.D. in computer and information control sciences from the University of Minnesota. Professor Houle teaches Database Management, Data Communications and Networking, and Introductory Information Systems. He also served as the top information technology administrator at Drake University from 1999-2001, a time during which the university upgraded its campus network to improve campus security and network performance. Currently he is working on issues involving e-mail address identity/mobility and e-commerce, including the use of spy-ware.

* Charles B. Shrader earned a Ph.D. in 1984 from Indiana University. He is currently Professor of Management at Iowa State University. His research program focuses on relationships of strategic management variables, such as formal planning with organizational performance measures. His research appears in the Journal of Management, Human Relations, Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Small Business Management, Case Research Journal, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, and Annals of Cases on Information Technology. He has received numerous teaching and case writing awards including the 2002 Philip G. Hubbard Education in Iowa Outstanding Educator Award.

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