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5. Business Value Statements

Business Improvement




Business Value Statement (In Support of the Improvement)

  1. Increase revenue

  2. Decrease cost

  3. Avoid cost

  4. Increase productivity

  5. Improve time to market

  6. Improve customer service/value

  7. Provide competitive advantage

  8. Reduce risk

  9. Improve quality

  10. Other (describe)


6. Commitment Tie to Strategic Business Initiative

7. Project Business Definition


Essential (must be delivered):

Desirable (delivery will be accepted without this functionality):

Optional (would be nice to have if it can be included within projected time and cost):


8. Critical Success Factors - Conditions of Customer Satisfaction





9. Impact Statement

Indicate all other applications that require changes as a result of this Commitment. List any other Commitments this project is dependent upon for successful completion.

10. Sunset Statement

List the application(s) to be sunsetted as a result of this Commitment. Estimate life span of this application.

  1. Sunsets:

  2. Life span of this Commitment's deliverables:

11. Assumptions, Constraints, and Open Issues


  1. This project will adhere to established information technology and application architectures (if this is not true, see section 12 - Risk) and will strive toward open, standards-based IT solutions.

  2. The PMO project engineering framework will be used to build the project plan.

  3. The PMO's standard project resource and time management tools will be employed by the project team to manage this project, to assign and account for resource utilization, and to report on project deliverables.


Open Issues:

12. Risk

_ Breakthrough _ Platform _ Derivative _ R&D _ Support

Risk Management Matrix (Updates to this continue throughout life of Commitment.)

Potential Risk

Description of Risk








Data integrity


Business continuity




Business requirements


Operational readiness


Other (explain)


Will this Commitment introduce any new technology that is not currently part of Information Technology architecture? (An answer of "yes" requires review and approval by the CIO.)

Approved by CIO:____________________________ date: _____________

13. Statement of Position 98-1

(State whether the cost of this project will be expensed or capitalized.)

_ Expensed in current fiscal year _ Capitalized over [state how many] years

14. Preliminary Estimate of Cost, Duration, and Effort

Preliminary Estimated Cost:

  • Best Case: ______ Planned: ______ Contingency: ______

Preliminary Estimated Duration (lapsed time in weeks or months):

  • Best Case: ______ Planned: ______ Contingency: ______

Preliminary Estimated Effort (total project plan resource hours required - associates and contractors):

  • Best Case: ______ Planned: ______ Contingency: ______

Confidence Level: __ Low __ Medium __ High

Maintenance Estimate (per year):

15. Roles and Responsibilities

(List the roles and responsibilities for this Commitment.)


Name of Associate



NEU Team:

Executive sponsor


Provides funding and is ultimately responsible for overall project delivery

Working client(s)


Works closely with IT team to ensure the proper synchronization among end-user requirements, project plans, and IT delivery

Project director


Oversees IT delivery and ensures working client satisfaction

Project manager(s)


Ensures adherence to best practices in the overall administration and delivery of the project(s)

Business analyst (EO)


Coordinates IT delivery and ensures both internal synchronization of IT resources and the synchronization of IT delivery with physical plant requirements

Project analyst (EO)


Assists in project delivery documentation, measurement, and reporting

Application lead


Systems lead


Data management lead


Infrastructure lead


Customer services lead


Internal and External Partners:

Vendor-based project management support


Technical architect(s)


Business process architect(s)


Creative development/UI












Other partner provider(s) - Hardware/Software:


16. Partner Provider Signature

(Instructions: Hold a review of sections 1-12 with your partner providers and obtain their agreement to participate. Each partner provider's signature represents his or her agreement to participate in this effort.)

Partner Providers - Agreement to Participate





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