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1. Project Name: [commitment name]

Commitment Level: _ Request _ Speculation _ Offer _ Commit _ Declined _ Complete

Business unit:

Project's executive sponsor (business unit head):

Working clients:

IT project director:

Project management office representative(s):

Products/services/systems/application name(s):

2. Commitment Type

_ Proprietary _ Commercial _ Hybrid _ Platform

3. Business Priority Assignment

_ Enterprise

_ Line of Business/Knowledge Center

_ High (Critical for [Enterprise]'s business continuation)

_ High (Competitive opportunity; legal/industry requirement; provides significant economic or customer satisfaction benefits)

_ Medium (Broad-based economic benefit to [Enterprise])

_ Medium (High payback potential; major contributor to customer satisfaction goals)

_ Low (Benefit to [Enterprise], or is a specific, mandated legal requirement)

_ Low (Key contributor to customer satisfaction goals)

4. Brief Statement of Business Problem or Opportunity

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