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A prewritten script that you can attach to a button, clip, or keyframe.

bitmapped graphic

See [raster graphic]
blank keyframe

A keyframe that causes nothing to appear on the Stage.

See also [keyframe]


A new feature in Flash Professional 8 that lets you apply compositing effects to symbol instances that control how much and what color of the objects underneath show through.


A feature in the Actions panel that lets you identify a line of code that causes Flash to pause while debugging. This way you can step through your code and identify the cause of a bug.


How much white is added to a color Brightness is one of the three ways to describe a color.

See also [saturation]
See also [hue]


An item that a user can click to cause an action to occur.

button state

A visual version of a button. For example, during clicking, the button is in its down state; when dormant, it is in its up state. When the mouse is hovered over the button, the button is in its over state.

Button symbol

A symbol that is used to create interactive buttons that respond to mouse events.

See also [symbol]

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