Mapping and Disconnecting a Network Drive

Windows networking enables you to connect your computer to other computers on the network quite easily. If you connect to a network location frequently, you might want to designate a drive letter on your computer as a direct connection to a shared drive or folder on another computer. Instead of spending unnecessary time opening My Network Places and the shared drive or folder each time you want to access it, you can create a direct connection, called mapping a drive, to the network location for quick and easy access. If you no longer use a mapped drive, you can right-click the mapped drive in My Computer and then click Disconnect.

Map a Network Drive


Click the Start button, and then click My Network Places.


Click the Tools menu, and then click Map Network Drive.


Click the Drive list arrow, and then select a drive letter.


Click Browse.


Select the folder you want to connect to.


Click OK.


To reconnect each time you log on to your computer, select the Reconnect At Login check box.


Click Finish.


To disconnect from a mapped drive, right-click the drive in My Computer, and then click Disconnect.



Did You Know?

You can add a Map Drive button to the toolbar . Click the Start button, click My Computer, right-click the toolbar, click Customize, click Map Drive, click Add, and then click Close.

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