Creating a Shortcut to a Network

Instead of clicking numerous icons in My Network Places to access a network location, by using the Add Network Place Wizard you can create a shortcut to the network location in the My Network Places window for easy access. The wizard provides step-by-step instructions to select the network location and create a shortcut. The wizard also allows you to create a shortcut to a web or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. If you need storage space on the Internet to manage, organize, and share documents, you can also use the Add Network Place Wizard to help you sign up for a service that offers online storage space.

Add a Network Place


Click the Start button, and then click My Network Places.


Click Add A Network Place, and then click Next.


Click Choose Another Network Location, and then click Next.


Type the Internet or network address, or click Browse, select a network location, and then click OK. Click Next to continue.

TROUBLE ? If the addresses are not working, click View Some Examples for help.


Type a name for the network place or use the suggested one, and then click Next.


To open the network, select the Open This Network Place When I Click Finish check box.


Click Finish.



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