Downloading Files from an FTP Site

Sometimes you'll need to connect directly to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site to download or transfer a file to a remote computer. Internet Explorer allows you to easily access and download files from any FTP site, public or private. Public FTP sites allow you to access files without requiring that you have an account on the server. Private FTP sites expect you to enter your user name and password in order to see the folders and files. When you are connected to an FTP site, Internet Explorer's view of the files is the same as looking at a folder on your local hard disk. Within this view you can drag onto your desktop or right-click to copy the file in a particular folder on your computer.

Download a File from an FTP Site


In the Address bar, type the address for the FTP site, and then press Enter.


If necessary, type your user name and password, and then click OK.


Right-click the file you want to download, and then click Copy To Folder.


Select the folder in which you want to save the file.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can include your user name and password in the address for the ftp site . Type ftp://username:password @ftp.server/folder .

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