Downloading Files from the Web

There are thousands of sites on the Internet offering all sorts of files you can download to your computer, from trailers to the latest game demos. You can download files from any web site by finding the file you want, right-clicking the link, and telling Internet Explorer where you want to save the file. Some web sites are designed with specific links to make it easier to download files. When you click a download link, a File Download dialog box opens, asking you to run the file from the Internet or save the file to your computer.

Download a File from a Web Page


Open the web page from which you want to download a file.


Click the download link, and then click Save, or right-click the link pointing to the actual file, and then click Save Target As.


Select the folder in which you want to save the file.


Type a name for the file, or use the suggested name .

graphics/five_icon.jpg Click Save.

The File Download dialog box displays the estimated time to download the file, along with the estimated transfer time.


When the download is complete, click Open to open the file, or click Close.



Did You Know?

You can access a site with lots of files to download . Try these sites to find plenty of files to download: and

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