Opening a Template


You may not realize it, but every workbook you create is based on a template. When you start a new workbook without specifying a template, Excel creates a new workbook based on the default template , which includes three worksheets and no special formulas, labels, or formatting. When you specify a particular template in the New dialog box, whether it's one supplied by Excel or one you created yourself, Excel starts a new workbook that contains the formulas, labels, graphics, and formatting contained in that template. The template itself does not change when you enter data in the new workbook, because you are working on a new file, not with the template file.

Open a Template


Click the Open button on the Standard toolbar.


Click the Look In list arrow, and then select the drive and folder that contain the template you want to open.


Click the Files Of Type list arrow, and then click Templates.


Click the file name of the template you want open.


Click Open.


Did You Know?

Changing the default template affects all new workbooks you create . If you decide to make any changes to the template, you must do a File, Save As to ensure that the original template is not adjusted.

You can modify a template . If you want to make changes to an existing template so that all new workbooks incorporate the change, open the actual template ”not a copy ”and then make your changes. Be sure to save your modified template.

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