Getting Excel Updates on the Web

Microsoft continues to improve Office 2003 programs with new features, security patches, or bug fixes. Microsoft Office Update allows you to keep your programs up-to-date with the latest software releases over the Internet. Microsoft Office Update scans your computer for any software components or fixes that need to be installed. Critical updates are important to install for your Office programs to run properly. By keeping your Office program updated with the latest security patches, you can protect your computer from the latest Internet threats.

Get Office Updates on the Web


Click the Help menu, and then click Check For Updates to open the Microsoft Online Web site.


Click Check For Updates to scan your system for any updates.


If necessary, click Yes to a security warning.


Follow the online instructions to download and install any updates.



Did You Know?

You can get Office information on the Web . Click the Help menu, and then click Microsoft Office Online. Your Web browser opens, displaying the Microsoft Office Online Web site.

You can get critical security updates on the Web . You can also check out Microsoft's Security's Web site for new announcements on the latest threats:

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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