Recovering a Workbook

If Excel encounters a problem and stops responding, the program tries to recover the file the next time you open Excel. The recovered files appear in the Document Recovery task pane, which allows you to open the files, view what repairs were made, and compare the recovered versions. Each file appears in the task pane with a status indicator, either Original or Recovered, which shows what type of data recovery was performed. You can save one or all of the file versions. You can also use the AutoRecover feature to periodically save a temporary copy of your current file, which ensures proper recovery of the file.

Recover a File


When the Document Recovery task pane appears, click the list arrow next to the name of each recovered file, and then perform one of the following:

  • Click Open to view the file for review.

  • Click Save As to Save the file.

  • Click Delete to close the file without saving.

  • Click Show Repairs to find out how Office fixed the file.


When you are done, click the close button in the task pane.


Using AutoRecover


Click on Tools, and then click Options.


Click the Save tab.


Select the Save AutoRecover Info Every check box.


Enter in the number of minutes or click the up and down arrows to adjust the minutes.


Click OK.


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