Working with Dialog Boxes

A dialog box is a special window that opens when Excel needs additional information from you in order to complete a task. You indicate your choices by selecting a variety of option buttons and check boxes; in some cases, you type the necessary information in the boxes provided. Some dialog boxes consist of a single window, while others contain tabs that you click to display more sets of options.

Choose Dialog Box Options

All Excel dialog boxes contain the same types of options, including:

  • Tabs . Click a tab to display its options. Each tab groups a related set of options.

  • Option buttons . Click an option button to select it. You can usually select only one.

  • Spin box . Click the up or down arrow to increase or decrease the number, or type a number in the box.

  • Check box . Click the box to turn on or off the option. A checked box means the option is selected; a cleared box means it's not.

  • List box . Click the list arrow to display a list of options, and then click the option you want.

  • Text box . Click in the box, and then type the requested information.

  • Button . Click a button to perform a specific action or command. A button name followed by an ellipsis (...) opens another dialog box.

  • Preview box . Many dialog boxes show an image that reflects the options you select.


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