Moving Around the Workbook


You can move around a worksheet using your mouse or the keyboard. You might find that using your mouse to move from cell to cell is most convenient , while using various keyboard combinations is easier for covering large areas of a worksheet quickly. Or, you might find that entering numbers on the keypad, that Enter is a better method. Certain keys on the keyboard ”Home, End, and Delete to name a few ”are best used as shortcuts to navigate in the worksheet. However, there is no right way; whichever method feels the most comfortable is the one you should use.

Use the Mouse to Navigate

Using the mouse, you can navigate to:

  • Another cell

  • Another part of the worksheet

  • Another worksheet


Did You Know?

Microsoft IntelliMouse users can roll from cell to cell with IntelliMouse . If you have the new Microsoft IntelliMouse ”with the wheel button between the left and right buttons ” you can click the wheel button and move the mouse in any direction to move quickly around the worksheet.

You can quickly zoom in or out using IntelliMouse . Instead of scrolling when you roll with the IntelliMouse, you can zoom in or out. To turn on this feature, click the Tools menu, click Options, click the General tab, click to select the Zoom On Roll With IntelliMouse check box, and then click OK.

Use the Keyboard to Navigate

Using the keyboard, you can navigate to:

  • Another cell

  • Another part of the worksheet

Refer to the table for keyboard shortcuts for navigating around a worksheet.

Did You Know?

You can change or move cell selections after pressing Enter . When you press Enter, the active cell moves down one cell. To change the direction, click the Tools menu, click Options, click the Edit tab, click the Direction list arrow, select a direction, and then click OK.

Keys For Navigating in a Worksheet

Press This Key

To Move

Left arrow

One cell to the left

Right arrow

One cell to the right

Up arrow

One cell up

Down arrow

One cell down


One cell down


One cell to the right


One cell to the left

Page Up

One screen up

Page Down

One screen down

End+arrow key

In the direction of the arrow key to the next cell containing data or to the last empty cell in current row or column


To column A in the current row


To cell A1


To the last cell in the worksheet containing data

Go To a Specific Location


Click the Edit menu, and then click Go To.


Type the cell address to the cell location where you want to go.


To go to other locations (such as comments, blanks, last cell, objects, formulas, etc.), click Special, select an option, and then click OK.


Click OK.


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