Working with a Table in Design View


Most Access objects are displayed in Design view, which allows you to work with the underlying structure of your tables, queries, forms, and reports . To create a new table in Design view, you can define the fields that will comprise the table before you enter any data. In Design view for tables, each row corresponds to a field. You can edit, insert, and delete fields in your database tables in Design view. You can insert a field by adding a row, while you delete a field by removing a row. You can also change field order by dragging a row selector to a new position.

Create or Modify a Table in Design View


In the Database window, click Tables on the Objects bar.


Double-click the Create Table In Design View icon, or click the table you want to modify, and then click the Design button.


Click in a Field Name cell , and then type a modified field name.


Click in a Data Type cell, click the Data Type list arrow, and then click a data type.


Click in a Description cell, and then type a description. If the Property Update Options button appears, if necessary, select an option.


To insert a field, click the row selector below where you want the field, and then click the Insert Rows button on the Table Design toolbar.


To delete a field, click the row selector for the field you want to delete, and then click the Delete Rows button on the Table Design toolbar.


Click the Save button on the toolbar, and then if necessary, enter a table name and click OK.


When you're done, click the Close button in the Table window.


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