Importing or Linking Data from a Mail Program

If you have data in a mail program, such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook, you can use the Import From Exchange/Outlook Wizard or the Link To Exchange/Outlook Wizard to import or link your Contacts folder. You can use the information from your Contacts folder to create form letters and mailing labels by merging the data using the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard. You need to have Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Microsoft Exchange installed on your computer to use these wizards to import or link data.

Import or Link Data from Microsoft Exchange or Outlook


Open the database in which you want to import or link data.


Click the File menu, point to Get External Data, and then click Import or Link Tables.

graphics/3_icon.jpg Click the Files Of Type list arrow, and then click Outlook or Exchange.

The Import or Link Exchange/ Outlook Wizard dialog box opens.


Click the Contacts folder icon (use the plus and minus signs to display folders), and then click Next.


Follow the remaining wizard instructions; some of the requested information includes:

  • A worksheet or named range

  • First row column heading

  • A new or existing table

  • Field information

  • Primary key

  • Table name


When you're done, click Finish.


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