Laddad,Ramnivas (AspectJ in Action ),170,597

large object (LOB),203–208


of architecture,21–23,583–588

business services layer

definition of,23,27,583

guidelines for,585–587

security for,27,368,370–371

DAO (Data Access Object) interface layer,23,24–26,583

data access layer

definition of,583–585

for sample application,177–182

database layer (EIS tier),23,583

presentation layer

definition of,23,27–29,583

guidelines for,587–588

JSF features for,529

Spring MVC features for,529

Struts features for,528

Tapestry features for,529

WebWork features for,528

replaceability of,7

lazy loading


iBATIS SQL Maps,266


lazy-init attribute, bean element,57

Lee,Bob (AOP Alliance founder),120

lightweight container architecture, 21  See also architecture

lightweight frameworks,3–4

lightweight remoting

accessors for,306,307–308

Burlap for

accessing a service,310–312

definition of,306,309

exception handling,308

exporting a service,312–313

support classes for,309–310

when to use,310,333

configuration for,307–308

definition of,5,35,305–307,580

exporters for,306,308

Hessian for

accessing a service,310–312

definition of,306,309

exception handling,308

exporting a service,312–313

support classes for,309–310

when to use,310,333

HTTP invoker for

accessing a service,314–315

additional invocation attributes for,316

customizing, 316–317

definition of,306,313

exception handling,308

exporting a service,315–316

secure communication with,316

support classes for,313–314

when to use,333

RMI for

accessing a service,318–320


definition of,306,317

exception handling,308

exporting a service,322–323

RMI-IIOP support,323–324

stub lookups for,317,320–322

support classes for,317–318

when to use,318,333

stateless remoting,307

strategies for,choosing,323–333

third-party remoting solutions supported,306–307

Web Services with JAX-RPC for

accessing a service,326–328

custom application objects,330–332

definition of,324–325

exporting a service,328–330

support classes for,325

when to use,325,333

limited privilege execution,368

list element,59–60

ListableBeanFactory interface,48,50

listener,for servlet context,93

listeners property, AdvisedSupport class,136

lists,data binding and,463

Little,Mark (Java Transaction Processing: Design and Implementation),217

LOB (large object),203–208

LobHandler interface,203–208,285–286

local EJBs,402,403–404

local objects,when to use,582

local transactions,221,260

LocalDataSourceConnectionFactory class,300

locale resolution,MVC,454–455

LocaleChangeInterceptor class,449,454–455

LocaleEditor class,102

LocaleResolver class,435,441,454–455

LocalJaxRpcServiceFactoryBean class,325

LocalPersistenceManagerFactoryBean class,291–293

LocalSessionFactoryBean class,71

LocalSessionFactoryBean interface,273–274,276

LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean class,71

LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean interface,140,403–404

location paths for resources

ant-style paths,93

in application context constructors,92–93

prefixes for,85,92


concurrency control and,220

isolation level and,219–220

LoginModule class,JAAS,372,373

Lookup Method Injection,44

loosely typed operations,DAO,260

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
ISBN: 0764574833
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 188

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