DAO (Data Access Object) interface


iBATIS SQL Maps,263–265

JDO API,289–291

O/R mapping,259–260

DAO (Data Access Object) interface layer,23,24–26,583

DAO (Data Access Object) pattern,172–173

DaoAuthenticationProvider class,Acegi,377,379

data access abstraction,5,34,579

data access layer. See also database layer

definition of,583–585

for sample application,177–182

Data Access Object (DAO) interface


iBATIS SQL Maps,263–265

JDO API,289–291

O/R mapping,259–260

Data Access Object (DAO) interface layer,23,24–26,583

Data Access Object (DAO) pattern,172–173

data binding,MVC

definition of,461–463

JSF features for,528

Spring MVC features for,526–527

Struts features for,526

Tapestry features for,527

WebWork features for,525–526

data definition language (DDL),178,190

data disconnection,588

data mappers,256–257

data source declaration for transactions


JNDI data sources,253

local pooled data sources,252–253

local unpooled data sources,251–252

DataAccessException class,15–16,177,180–182,259

DataAccessResourceFailureException class, JDBC,181,182

database. See also iBATIS SQL Maps; O/R (Object- Relational) mapping

connection pooling,199–200,251–254

connection wrappers,with application servers,200–201

SQL queries,JDBC

features for,175

with JdbcTemplate class,183–189,204–206,214

with RDBMS operation classes,189–194,206–209

statement wrappers,with application servers,200–201

database layer (EIS tier),23,583. See also  data access layer

DataIntegrityViolationException class,JDBC,181,259

DataRetrievalFailureException class,JDBC,181

DataSource interface,JDBC,68–69,174,175,178–180

DataSourceTransactionManager class

definition of,243–245,266

example of,222–224,266–267

when to use,225,226–227,230

DataSourceUtils class,244

DDL (data definition language),178,190

debugging,using AOP,159–161

declarative transaction demarcation

BeanNameAutoProxyCreator interface,237–238

definition of,225,227,233

guidelines for,242

performance of,242

ProxyFactoryBean interface and transaction interceptor,233–235

source-level metadata

using commons attributes,238–241

using Java 5.0 annotations,241–242

TransactionProxyFactoryBean interface,235–236

declarative transaction management,13,219,222,224

declarative usage of application contexts,93–95

Decorator design pattern,12

DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator interface

definition of,80,141,142

security and,370

when to use,145

default-autowire attribute, beans element,62

DefaultIntroductionAdvisor class,155

DefaultJdoDialect interface,297

default-lazy-init attribute, beans element,57

DefaultPointcutAdvisor class,131

DefaultTransactionAttribute class,226

DefaultTransactionDefinition class,226,231

deferred close mode,Hibernate Open Session in View,283

DelegatingIntroductionInterceptor class,155

DelegationActionProxy class,539–542

DelegationRequestProcessor class,539–542

delete methods,DAO,24







Dependency Injection

with AspectJ AOP,164–167

books about,597

Constructor Injection

definition of,9,589

example of,10,43–44

specifying dependencies and,56

when to use,45–47

definition of,8–9,37,43

example of,10,43–45

Method Injection

definition of,9,589

example of,44–45

testing and,45

when to use,44,590

migration to other lightweight containers using,6

Setter Injection,9

definition of,589

example of,10,41–43

specifying dependencies and,56

when to use,45–47,590

types of,9,589

Dependency Lookup,11

design,Object Oriented

books about,597

crosscutting concerns not addressed by,114

guidelines for,589

Spring Framework support for,7

design patterns

book about,597

Command design pattern,12

Decorator design pattern,12

inappropriate use of,2

Observer design pattern,12

Design Patterns (Gamma,Helm,Johnson,Vlissides),597

destroy() method, DisposableBean interface,66,67

destroy-method attribute, bean element,66–67

DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessor interface,66,75

detached objects



dirty checking domain objects,113–114

dirty reads,219,229


Dispatcher Servlet (Front Controller),424,430

DispatcherServlet class,430,431–434

DisposableBean interface,66,67

distributed (global) transactions,221

distributed objects,when to use,2,582

DNS (domain name system),389,395,396

document type definition (DTD),for bean definitions,53

document-based views,515–519

Domain Driven Design  (Evans),597

domain name system (DNS),389,395,396

domain objects,security for,368,371–372,386–388

doSubmitAction() method, SimpleForm Controller class,470

double proxying,161

DriverManagerDataSource interface,JDBC,179,251–252

DTD (document type definition),for bean definitions,53

dynamic objects,13

dynamic pointcuts,127,129–130

dynamic proxies,J2SE,12

DynamicDestinationResolver class,343

DynamicMethodMatcherPointcut class,129–130

DynamicScript interface,362


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Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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