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language for the system, setting
latency utility
     output from (example)
     graphical frontends to
     help, downloading
     macros, use by TeXShop editor
     performance, TeXShop vs. iTeXMac editors
         Equation Editor
         Equation Service
     TeX Live-teTeX
latex command
launch daemons, replacing crontab file
launchctl utility
launchd 2nd
     starting up
lcrypt.h header file
LDAPv3 plug-in, Directory Access
leaks tool
less command
lex tool
     curses screen library
     important, included with Mac OS X
     not included with Mac OS X
         loadable modules vs.
         loading dynamically
         packaging as frameworks
         two-level namespaces
     static, creating and linking
     system library (libSystem)
         symbolic links
     version numbering
     X11-based, installing
limits.h header file
line command
line continuation escape symbol (\)
Line Printer Daemon (LPD)
linking errors, -lcurses routine and
linking static libraries
     GNOME and KDE desktops, connecting to Mac printer
     LyX WYSIWYM document processor
     manually configuring Mac OS X printer on
     MPlayer, audio/video player
     PAM, using to authenticate a user
     printing to Mac printer from Ubuntu Linux
     running Mac OS X
     running on Mac hardware
         booting into Linux
         compatibility details
         partitioning for Linux
         picking a Linux distribution
         QEMU, using
         Virtual PC, using
     sharing printer on Mac OS X
     standard Unix development tools
     TeX for (teTeX)
Linux/mac68k Project
little-endian ordering
ln command
loadable bundles
loadable modules
     shared libraries vs.
LoadModule and AddModule directives (httpd.conf) 2nd
local directory
     browsing/modifying with NetInfo Manager
     Directory Services database, restoring
     displaying contents with nidump and nireport
     modifying with nicl utility
local.nidump file
locate command 2nd
lockfile command
locking files
     configuration database
     specifying lockfile for mod_dav
     advanced firewall options
     redirecting output of system logs
login preferences, adding to startup
Login Window, launching
logins (user), loading of daemons
look and feel (X11)
lookupd daemon
     -flushcache command
LPD printers
ls command 2nd
     -G option, color output
lsbom tool
LyX (X11-based WYSIWYM document processor)

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