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KDE desktop environment, xiii
     connecting to Mac printer
     installing from Fink
     Konqueror and Koffice on Mac OS X
     Konqueror rendering engine (KHTML)
     Konsole terminal emulator
kernel extensions
     loading with BootX
     starting kextd daemon
     tutorials on
kernel utilities
     kernel modules, manipulating
kernel virtual memory library (libkvm)
     allocation of virtual memory
     initialization of data structures
     tuning variables at startup
kextd daemon
kextload/kextunload utilities
kextstat utility
     information displayed by
key equivalents under X11
key/value pairs
     changing in configuration database
     displaying for configuration database
keyboard layout (X11), customizing
keys, for startup parameters property list
Konqueror (KDE web browser)
     ported to Mac OS X
ksh (Korn) shell 2nd
ktrace utility

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