13.3. FinkCommander

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13.2. Using Fink

Once Fink has been installed, you can see what packages are available by entering the command fink list. You can install a package from source with the following command:

     $ fink install  package  

The fink command is used from the command line to maintain, install, and uninstall packages from source. Table 13-1 lists some examples of its usage.

Table 13-1. Various fink commands



fink apropos foo

Lists packages matching the search keyword, foo.

fink build foo

Downloads and builds package foo. No installation is performed.

fink checksums

Verifies the integrity of source tarballs.

fink configure

Rerun the configuration process.

fink describe foo

Describes package foo.

fink fetch foo

Downloads package foo, but doesn't install it.

fink fetch-all

Downloads source files for all available packages.

fink fetch-missing

Like fetch-all, but fetches only source code that's not already present.

fink index

Forces a rebuild of the package cache.

fink install foo

Downloads source, then builds and installs package foo.

fink list

Lists available packages. "i" is placed next to installed packages. Takes many options. For example, fink list -i lists only installed packages. Execute fink list -help for a complete set of options.

fink purge foo

Same as remove but also removes all configuration files. Use apt-get remove instead.

fink rebuild foo

Downloads and rebuilds package foo. Installation is performed.

fink reinstall foo

Reinstalls foo using dpkg.

fink remove foo

Deletes package foo, ignoring dependencies. Use apt-get remove instead.

fink selfupdate

Updates Fink along with package list. Uses latest officially released fink source. Do this first unless you're updating via CVS.

fink selfupdate-cvs

Updates Fink along with the package list using CVS.

fink selfupdate-rsync

Updates Fink, along with the package list, using rsync.

fink update foo

Updates package foo.

fink update-all

Updates all installed packages.

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