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G4 processors, Motorola AltiVec Velocity Engine  
G5 processors
       Apple notes on code optimization for  
       support by GCC  
g77 (GNU FORTRAN 77 compiler)  
game creation and playback  
GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)  
       AltiVec Velocity Engine, Motorola  
       command for  
       differences between Mac OS X and Unix versions  
               g77 (FORTRAN 77 compiler)  
       documentation for  
       Mac OS X GCC compiler flags  
       programming languages supported by  
gcc compiler
       --dump-pch switch  
       --load-pch switch  
       distcc command  
gcc_select command   2nd  
gdb (GNU debugger)   2nd  
GetFileInfo tool  
gethostent( )  
getpw* functions, passwords and  
gftp (SSH GUI)  
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)   2nd  
       CinePaint version for film professionals  
       installing via Fink  
       using as iPhoto's default image editor  
       HP Inkjet Project (HPIJS)  
       web site for Mac OS X  
Glade, on Fink web site  
       on Fink web site  
       GUI for SSH  
       installation via Fink  
GLterm   2nd  
       interesting features of  
gluemac utility  
GNOME desktop environment   2nd  
       installation via Fink  
       installing from Fink  
       Mac OS X desktop displayed and controlled on Solaris machine  
       Solaris machine connected to Mac OS X via VNC  
       tabbed terminal sessions  
       autoconf   [See autoconf utility]
       C preprocessor   [See cpp]
       Compiler Collection   [See GCC]
       debugger tool (gdb)  
       General Public License   2nd  
       gnutar tool   2nd   3rd  
       Image Manipulation Program   [See GIMP]2nd   [See GIMP]
       libiconv utility  
       Library General Public License  
GNU-Darwin   2nd   [See also Darwin kernel]
       web site  
gnumake tool  
gnuplot data plotting program  
gnutar tool   2nd   3rd, searching with  
gprof tool  
graphical environments for Mac OS X  
graphical user interfaces   [See GUIs]
graphics formats, AquaTerm output  
grep tool  
groff tool  
       adding user to admin group  
       adding users to group with dscl merge command  
       checkgid command  
       creating with dscl utility  
       creating with niload   2nd  
       deleting with dscl's delete command  
       listing all GIDs with nireport  
       listing with nidump utility  
       on Fink web site  
       GUI for SSH (gftp)  
       installation via Fink  
       Cocktail, for system administrative tasks  
       FinkCommander, for Fink  
       for SSH  
               Fugu, for OpenSSH  
gunzip tool  
gzcat tool  
gzip tool   2nd   3rd  

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