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F12 key, Mac OS X and Blender application  
FAT (MS-DOS) filesystems  
fgrep tool  
file and print services, SLP and SMB protocols  
file attributes, SetFile tool for  
file command  
file sharing
       starting AppleShare  
       Windows files  
FileMerge application  
       pbprojectdump tool  
filenames, working with  
       tab completion  
       TextEdit service, using  
       compression and storage tools  
       deleting remotely with Fugu  
       downloading from the command line  
       GetFileInfo tool  
       Macintosh tools for  
       manipulating, tools for  
               searching and sorting  
       opening file containing selected text  
       opening in FileMerge  
       opening multiple  
       sending to Bluetooth device  
       automated access to NFS and AFP shares  
       check of  
        devfs , mounting  
       exporting web site as filesystem  
       FAT (MS-DOS), mounting  
       flushing buffers  
       FTP archives, mounting as volumes  
       HFS and HFS+, mounting  
       ISO-9660, mounting  
       journaled, fixing errors  
       local, mounting   2nd  
       Mac OS X filesystem  
               /dev directory  
               /etc directory, contents of  
               /Library directory  
               /System/Library directory  
               /var directory  
               files and directories  
       monitoring filesystem operations with fs_usage  
       mounting, coordination of  
       NFS   [See NFS]
       SMB shares, mounting as volumes  
       synthfs, mounting  
       tarballs, case-sensitivity of filenames  
       UDF (DVD), mounting  
       UFS, mounting  
       volfs, mounting  
Film GIMP   [See CinePaint]
find tool  
       archiving files and directories in .zip format  
       choosing application to open executable  
       integration with X11  
       monitoring with sc_usage application  
       open command  
       in the Services menu  
fink commands, list of  
Fink package manager   2nd  
       /sw directory  
       creating and installing packages  
               . info file, creating  
               installing the package  
               tarball, creating and publishing  
       displaying all available packages  
       fink commands, list of  
       FinkCommander GUI  
       GIMP build for Mac OS X  
       GNU FORTRAN 77 (g77) compiler  
       installing binaries  
       installing Fink  
               from a disk image  
               from CVS  
               from source  
               update command, running  
       libraries available from, listing of  
       mixing binary and source installations  
       MySQL and PostgreSQL  
       Packaging Manual, web site for  
       post-installation setup  
       ProFTP, installing via  
       teTeX installed by   2nd  
       TightVNC, installing  
       VNC, installing on Mac OS X  
       web site  
       window managers and desktops for X11  
       X11-based applications and libraries, installing via   2nd  
               video viewers  
fink selfupdate command   2nd  
fink update-all command  
FinkCommander   2nd  
       Internet Sharing and  
       Mac OS X as server, operating behind firewall  
       rules for services enabled in Sharing tab  
fix_prebinding daemon  
fixmount command  
fixPrecomps command  
FixupResourceForks command  
flat files   2nd  
       authentication, using for
               relying solely on  
               under Directory Access  
       creating and populating Open Directory database from  
       Directory Services counterparts  
       in /etc, unification under Open Directory  
        group , /groups directory vs.  
       and NIS  
flex/flex++ tools   2nd  
floating point numbers , on 32-, 64-, and 128-bit systems  
flushing cached credentials  
flushing filesystem buffers  
fmt tool  
fonts (X.11 .bdf), GLterm features for  
forked resources   [See resource forks]
       AquaTerm adapter for  
       GNU FORTRAN 77 compiler  
       IP forwarding  
Foundation and Application Kit frameworks for Objective-C and Java  
framework bundle  
framework header files  
       application-specific frameworks  
       bundles, types of  
       CHUD, enabling writing of performance tools  
       creating for shared library and its resources  
       including in Objective-C source code  
       including in your application  
       locations searched for  
       numerical libraries in vecLib framework  
       private frameworks  
       public frameworks  
       simple public framework  
       simple vs. umbrella frameworks  
       structure of  
               versioned bundle structure  
       umbrella frameworks  
Free Software Foundation, GNU Compiler Collection  
FreshMeat (Mac OS X section)  
fs_usage utility  
fsck command
       check of filesystem at startup  
       failure of, causing infinite loop  
       single- user mode and  
FTP Access  
FTP archives, mounting as filesystem volumes  
Fugu (OpenSSH GUI)  
       deleting files remotely  
       sftp connection with  
full-screen and rootless modes, X11   2nd   3rd  
       toggling full-screen X11 and Aqua  
function keys, activating Expos with  

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