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hardware acceleration support, X11  
hdiutil   2nd  
       creating a disk image  
       creating Internet-enabled disk image  
head command  
header files  
        alloc .h  
       framework, including in Objective-C code  
       functions of  
       generating for JNI programming  
       header.h file  
       including in C Source file  
       including in vecLib framework code  
       POSIX.4 compliance mechanism  
       precompiled   2nd  
               listing of  
               PFE mechanism  
               printing information about  
       types of, in Mac OS X  
        wchar .h and iconv.h  
here document, using in group creation  
Hewlett-Packard InkJet Project (HPIJS)  
HFS filesystem, FixupResourceForks command and  
HFS+ filesystem
       case-insensitivity of  
       file attributes, setting  
hiding an application  
hints (Mac OS X Hints)  
home directory
       sharing with connected machine  
host type  
       canonical form  
       guessing and validating with config.* files  
       macros to detect Mac OS X  
hostconfig file   2nd  
       AppleTalk Filing Profile (AFP) service  
       default entries from  
       enabling Postfix to receive email  
       environment variables in  
       postfix-watch daemon, entry for  
       VNCSERVER variable  
       WEBSERVER entry  
hostinfo command  
       configuration of  
       configuring to use Postfix on standalone server  
       managing with Directory Services  
hosts file  
hosts, creating with niload  
HPIJS (Hewlett-Packard InkJet Project)  
httpd.conf file (Apache)  
       AddModule and LoadModule directives  
       enabling mod_ssl in  
       enabling WebDAV for web server root  
       installing new certificate  
       mod_rendezvous settings  
       Perl scripts, setting up virtual directory for  
HTTPS protocol  
hwprefs command  

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