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i-Installer application
       downloading, web site  
       TeX Live-teTeX application, installing  
       multiplexing with poll( )  
       printing file contents of a file to standard output  
       printing system information to standard output  
       redirecting output with GeekTool  
       X11 interaction with input devices  
       X11 output, customizing  
I/O Kit, initialization of  
       changing for executables  
       creating desktop icon for a printer  
iconv.h header file  
ifconfig utility  
image editing  
       installing via Fink  
       manipulating with GIMP   [See GIMP]
       manipulating with sips tool  
imake utility  
Imakefile template  
index, Apple API documentation for Project Builder  
inet_interfaces setting (Postfix file)  
Info . plist files   2nd  
information file (.info) for packages  
inline assembly code  
input   [See I/O]
Inspector (Terminal)  
       setting Terminal attributes  
install Bundle::CPAN command  
INSTALL file (Unix source code)  
installation of packages, resources for  
installer tool  
instant messenger program, starting up automatically  
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  
Interface Builder  
Internet Printing Protocol  
       port 631  
Internet Sharing  
Internet Software Consortium, Inc. (ISC)  
Internet-enabled disk images  
interrupts, latency utility for measuring  
IP addresses
       inet_interfaces setting for Postfix file  
       managing with Directory Services  
       public (WAN)  
       reverse DNS lookup against  
       static, provision by ISPs  
IP forwarding, hostconfig file entry for  
IP printer, adding  
ipconfig command  
ipfw rule  
IPv6, hostconfig file entry for  
ISC (Internet Software Consortium, Inc.)  
ISO-9660 (CD-ROM) filesystems, mounting  
       provision of static IP address and support of hostnames  
       terms of service, running servers and  
iTerm   2nd  
       contextual menu  
       interesting features of  
       tabbed terminal sessions  
       web site for downloads and documentation  
iTeXMac   2nd  
       downloading and installing  
       features of  
       TeXShop vs.  

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