Chapter 10. Using JavaServer Faces Technology in JSP Pages

10. Using JavaServer Faces Technology in JSP Pages

The page author's responsibility is to design the pages of a JavaServer Faces application. This includes laying out the components on the page and wiring them to backing beans, validators, converters, and other server-side objects associated with the page. This chapter uses the Duke's Bookstore application and the Coffee Break application (see Chapter 36) to describe how page authors use the JavaServer Faces tags to perform the following tasks:

  • Lay out standard UI components on a page

  • Reference localized messages

  • Register converters, validators, and listeners on components

  • Bind components and their values to server-side objects

  • Reference backing bean methods that perform navigation processing, handle events, and perform validation

This chapter also describes how to include custom objects created by application developers and component writers on a JSP page.

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