Example Applications in the Application Server

If you have installed the Application Server's samples server, you will have even more example applications to help you in the development of your Java EE applications. The following is a list of a few of the example applications that add security to an application in a way that is not yet covered in this tutorial:

  • <JAVAEE_HOME>/samples/security/ldaprealm/apps/dynamicgroup/ docs/index.html

    The LDAP Dynamic Group Realm sample application consists of an enterprise bean and an application client. The methods of the enterprise bean have been associated with either the Administrator role or the Secret role in the enterprise bean deployment descriptor. The idea is to associate the Administrator role with a dynamic LDAP group, called ldapdynamicgroup. Then the application client verifies that user names belonging to ldapdynamicgroup have access to methods of the EJB that have been associated with the Administrator role, while access to methods not associated with that role will be denied.

  • <JAVAEE_HOME>/samples/security/realms/apps/rdbms/docs/ index.html

    This sample application demonstrates using a custom security realm. You can use any JDBC-compliant relational database server.

The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
The JavaT EE 5 Tutorial
Year: 2004
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