Oops, Here s a New Story Coming Out

Oops, Here s a New Story Coming Out!

I was typing into the XML Notepad the code you just saw in the last section. As soon as I started typing the code into the pre tag, I encountered a problem: code is almost invariably multiple lines long. But if I try to type an Enter (or a Shift+Enter) into the window, I immediately get a new P tag. There s no way to type code in!

Now, this isn t the end of the world. To begin with, most of the code we type in is pasted from a source file anyway. Stories about that are coming up as well, relating to converting less-than (<) signs and ampersands that XML doesn t understand. But in this very chapter, I typed a free return into a pre tag and I typed free code (rather than pasting) into another this morning. Something will have to be done about this, and the customer will have to decide.

Important Lesson

We have a very important lesson here, and it isn t one that I planned, although of course it was bound to happen.


The most important value of shipping features to the customer results when the customer learns something. Therefore, ship early and ship often!

That s enough of a lesson to end this chapter. And anyway, I m hungry...

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