It was great working with my "old" team again on a project. Many of us have moved on to different roles, and it was nice to have an excuse to work together again. I can't forget the many weekends spent on the group edit sessions! Incorporating the additional platforms provided us with a few challenges and a rewrite, which meant more time to write the book and more time away from our families.

For Zarin and Amal, thanks for your love and understanding; I know you felt my stress through this. And for Sherdil, thank you is not nearly enough. Your love, patience, understanding, and support were invaluable. Zamil

First of all, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with this book team. Not only that they are all good people to work with, they are also fun people to hang out with. Without their dedication to this project (our second one!!), we wouldn't have gone this far. Adding iSeries and zSeries materialswhose idea was that?

I would also like to thank my familyLouis, Christina, and Estherfor their endless love and support. Most of all, I want to thank my husband, Heison, for his patience and understanding when I spent numerous late nights and weekends writing the chapters. Clara

I would like to thank my former teammates Clara, Zamil, Paul, Fraser, Raul, and Michael for giving me the opportunity to work with them again. I think I saw all of you more this past winter than my own family. I also want to thank Lisa for being so understanding and putting up with me throughout the creation of this book. She was always there for me, and it meant a lot. Drew

I would like to thank this great team for inviting me to be a co-author of this book. It certainly has been a demanding experience, but after all the effort I only feel satisfaction and would do it all over again if needed! I would like to thank my family: Elias, Olga, Alberto, David, Patricia, and Nancy. Through their example, I have learned you need to work hard to achieve your goals. I thank them for their understanding, support, and love. Raul

To my buddies Clara, Drew, Fraser, Paul, Raul, and Zamil: it has been great fun, and you guys are the best! It has been many late nights and missing Saturdays. The book is impossible without the great support from my family. To my wife Lili, for the love and understanding. To my daughters Alyssa and Marissa, for all the missing trips to the play parks. Michael

I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with on this book. Their dedication, professionalism, and drive were unparalleled. Thanks for making this another great experience! Also, thanks to my familyLarry, Carole, Leanne, and Jezand all my friends for their constant understanding and support. To summarize with a Canadian colloquialism, I guess I owe you all a beer, eh? Fraser

I am grateful to the entire book team for their tremendous work on this second edition. Spending weekends and weeknights together, sometimes in 12-hour edit marathons, will always be remembered. I would like to thank Susan Visser for her encouragement and follow-through, never doubting that we could pull this off. Thanks to the IBM DB2 Partner Enablement managers, Bridget Reid and Peter Crocker, for creating a great work atmosphere that allows us to publish books like this. Finally, thanks to my parents and friends, for their patience and support. I promiseno more books for at least a year. Now, where is my beer? Paul

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