About the Authors

Zamil Janmohamed is a Websphere Commerce Development Manager at the IBM Toronto Lab. He manages a team focused on developer productivity and tooling for Websphere Commerce practitioners. In his 16 years of experience in information technology, he has held various positions such as a services consultant for Websphere Commerce and DB2, an application developer, a database administrator, and an engagement manager, to name a few. Zamil has had an extensive background working with relational databases, not only as they relate to developing applications but also designing, implementing, and supporting databases. He was a co-author of the first edition of this book.

Clara Liu works for the IBM Toronto Laboratory as a database consultant. In the past five years, Clara has been working with a wide variety of IBM partners and customers on projects utilizing DB2 Universal Database. She specializes in database application development and integration of new technologies with DB2. She is also the co-author two other books, DB2 Express: Easy Development and Administration and DB2 UDB for Mere Mortals. Besides working with DB2, Clara has several ongoing projects, such as "Scuba Diving 101" and "Karaoke in the Basement."

Drew Bradstock is an Engagement Manager with the IBM Data Management Competitive Migrations team. He manages teams that migrate a customer's infrastructure and databases to DB2 from other relational databases. Previously, he was a database consultant in the IBM Toronto lab and specialized in DB2 performance tuning and EEE. He helped write DB2 Certification exams and has also worked on previous books such as the IBM Redbook Scaling DB2 UDB on Windows Server 2003 and the earlier edition of this book.

Raul F. Chong is a database consultant from the IBM Toronto Lab and works primarily with IBM Business Partners. Raul has worked for six years at IBMthree of them in DB2 Technical Support helping customers with problems on the OS/390, z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms; and three of them as a consultant specializing in database application development and migrations from other RDBMSs to DB2.

Michael X. Gao is a DB2 consultant from the IBM Toronto Lab. He specialized in DB2 UDB performance tuning, application development, porting, and customized education. Michael has presented at several international conferences. He was the author of several published DB2 technical articles and was a co-author of the first edition of this book. In his spare time, Michael tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife Lili and their two lovely daughters, Alyssa and Marissa.

Fraser McArthur is a DB2 Technical Consultant with the Information Management Partner Enablement organization at the IBM Toronto Lab, where he has worked for the last four years. He focuses on assisting IBM Business Partners performing application migrations and performance tuning. He also conducts DB2 technical workshops and publishes the occasional article to the IBM Developer Domain for the DB2 community. He spends his spare time volunteering around Toronto, backpacking around the world, and trying to keep his cat under control. Fraser is a DB2 Certified Solutions Expert in both DB2 Administration and Application Development, was a co-author of the first version of this book, and also contributed to the DB2 Certification exams.

Paul Yip is part of the DB2 Business Partner Enablement Team helping companies build or port solutions from competitive databases to DB2 UDB. He wears many hats in DB2 land, including database consultant, troubleshooter, instructor, and author. His newest hobbies include eating healthy, exercising regularly, focusing on the important things in life, and pondering why these are just hobbies rather than a way of life.

    DB2 SQL PL. Deployment and Advanced Configuration Essential Guide for DB2 UDB on Linux., UNIX, Windows, i5. OS, z. OS
    Intelligent Enterprises of the 21st Century
    ISBN: N/A
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
    Pages: 205

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