This book is a result of many people's efforts and we would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions.

Serge Rielau and Gustavo Arocena from DB2 development provided tremendous support and technical guidance on almost every topic we covered in the book. Their continuous support since the first edition of this book greatly helped us in verifying the content and providing insight to SQL PL.

Without the encouragement of Susan Visser, we might still be "thinking" about updating the first edition of this book. She has once again provided guidance to help us complete the book smoothly.

A book that is technical in nature and filled with as many code samples as this book has, cannot be published without engaging technical reviewers to both read and test the samples. Providing coverage for multiple platforms with this edition means that we had even more eyes looking at this book. We would like to thank the following people who helped us with this process:

From the iSeries organization:

Scott Forstie

Kent Milligan

Kathy Passe

Jarek Miszczyk

Through the publisher:

George Baklaz

Graham Milne

James Campbell

    DB2 SQL PL. Deployment and Advanced Configuration Essential Guide for DB2 UDB on Linux., UNIX, Windows, i5. OS, z. OS
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