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Linux Annoyances for Geeks
By Michael Jang
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: April 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-00801-5
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-600801-7
Pages: 502

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        Chapter 1.  Configuring a Desktop Environment
      Section 1.1.  I Want the Advantages of Both KDE and GNOME
      Section 1.2.  I Need a Custom Login Menu
      Section 1.3.  I Can't Configure a Standard Background
      Section 1.4.  I'd Like Desktop Icons for My Applications
      Section 1.5.  The Desktop Is Too Big for My Monitor
      Section 1.6.  My Mouse Doesn't Do What I Want
      Section 1.7.  My Users Mess Up Their Desktops
      Section 1.8.  My CD/DVD Is Locked
      Section 1.9.  I Can't Get to the GUI
      Section 1.10.  User Downloads Are Overloading Workstations
      Section 1.11.  I Need to Manage Sound Events
        Chapter 2.  Configuring User Workstations
      Section 2.1.  I'm Afraid of Losing Data
      Section 2.2.  My Boss Insists on Real-Time Backups
      Section 2.3.  I Lost Data When I Removed My Floppy/Memory Stick
      Section 2.4.  That Command Doesn't Write to My DVD
      Section 2.5.  I Don't Remember Where That File Is
      Section 2.6.  I Need to Search Within a Bunch of Files
      Section 2.7.  I Can't Copy from the Command Line
      Section 2.8.  How Do I Deal with Spaces and Odd Characters in Filenames?
      Section 2.9.  Users Are Complaining There's No ZIP
        Chapter 3.  Optimizing Internet Applications
      Section 3.1.  Firefox Isn't Working as It Should
      Section 3.2.  I'm Drowning in Good Email
      Section 3.3.  I'm Having Trouble Converting from Outlook
      Section 3.4.  I'm Having Trouble Chatting on AIM, Yahoo!, or MSN
      Section 3.5.  I Need a Simple Web Browser
      Section 3.6.  I Keep Having to Start an FTP Download from Scratch
      Section 3.7.  I Need to Connect via Modem (GUI Tools)
        Chapter 4.  Setting Up Local Applications
      Section 4.1.  So Many Options for Applications
      Section 4.2.  Microsoft Word Documents Don't Work on Linux
      Section 4.3.  I Need My Microsoft Office
      Section 4.4.  I Can't Read PDFs or PostScript Documents
      Section 4.5.  I Want My Quicken
      Section 4.6.  I Need a Screenshot
      Section 4.7.  Making GUI File Managers Work for You
      Section 4.8.  I Need a Movie Viewer
        Chapter 5.  Installation Annoyances
      Section 5.1.  Linux Won't Work with All My Hardware
      Section 5.2.  I'm Having Trouble with Microsoft-Dependent Hardware
      Section 5.3.  Making That Laptop Sing with Linux
      Section 5.4.  My Wireless Card Works on Another Operating System, but Not Linux
      Section 5.5.  So Many Distributions, So Little Time
      Section 5.6.  Downloading New Distributions Takes Too Long
      Section 5.7.  Too Many Computers on Which to Install Linux
      Section 5.8.  I Need Help and Am Afraid of Asking Online
        Chapter 6.  Basic Start Configuration
      Section 6.1.  It Takes Too Long to Boot
      Section 6.2.  Rooting Out the Bootloader
      Section 6.3.  Dual Boots Can Be Troublesome
      Section 6.4.  Dual-Boot Recovery
      Section 6.5.  My Computer Won't Stop Rebooting
      Section 6.6.  User Passwords Are Too Weak
      Section 6.7.  I Lost the Root Password
      Section 6.8.  My Server Is So Secure I Can't Log In as Root
      Section 6.9.  There Are Too Many Ways to Log In
      Section 6.10.  The Boss Told Me to Secure the Server Without Locking the Room
        Chapter 7.  Kernel Itches and Other Configuration Annoyances
      Section 7.1.  The Kernel Needs an Upgrade
      Section 7.2.  Recompiling the Kernel
      Section 7.3.  I Can't Boot Because of a Kernel Panic
      Section 7.4.  I Can't Boot Because of Some "File Not Found" Error
      Section 7.5.  I Need to Add a Custom Kernel Module
      Section 7.6.  My Files Are on That Other Computer
      Section 7.7.  Regular Users Can't Mount the CD/DVD Drive
      Section 7.8.  I'm Having Trouble Connecting to an Existing Network
      Section 7.9.  I Need to Work with Microsoft-Formatted Partitions
        Chapter 8.  System Maintenance
      Section 8.1.  I Can't Boot Because the Partition Is Corrupt
      Section 8.2.  My Hard Drive Is Failing and I Need a BackupFast
      Section 8.3.  A Windows User Reinstalled Windows on a Dual-Boot System
      Section 8.4.  My /home Directory Is Too Small
      Section 8.5.  My Hard Drive Is Too Slow
      Section 8.6.  Find the Right Update Repository
      Section 8.7.  Avoid Dependency Hell with yum
      Section 8.8.  Avoid Dependency Hell with apt
      Section 8.9.  I Need Those Microsoft Applications on Linux
      Section 8.10.  Keeping Up with Security
      Section 8.11.  My Firewall Blocks My Internet Access
        Chapter 9.  Servicing Servers
      Section 9.1.  Too Many Options for Services
      Section 9.2.  Users Need to Download Files
      Section 9.3.  Users Are Still Demanding Telnet
      Section 9.4.  I Can't Send out Email Because the ISP's Server Is Down
      Section 9.5.  I Need Multiple Web Sites but Have Only One IP Address
      Section 9.6.  I Can't Remember Which Printer to Use
      Section 9.7.  BIND Is Too Complex for My Growing Network
      Section 9.8.  The Windows Computers on My Network Don't Show Up
        Chapter 10.  User Management
      Section 10.1.  The Boss Wants to Set Up a Special Group of Users
      Section 10.2.  There Are Too Many Users Accessing the Internet from the Office
      Section 10.3.  Some User Is Taking Too Much Disk Space
      Section 10.4.  Too Many Tasks, Too Few Qualified Administrators
      Section 10.5.  Former Employees Keep Accessing the Server
      Section 10.6.  Securing by User
        Chapter 11.  Administration Tips
      Section 11.1.  Too Many Computers to Update over the Internet
      Section 11.2.  My Favorite Service Is Not Included with My Distribution
      Section 11.3.  Configuring a Linux Gateway
      Section 11.4.  My Other Computer Has No Monitor
      Section 11.5.  I Need to Run an X Application Remotely
      Section 11.6.  So Many Server Logs
      Section 11.7.  The Logs Are Overloading My Hard Drive
      Section 11.8.  Administration Is So Repetitive
      Section 11.9.  I Don't Want to Work Late to Do That Special Job
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